LIP LINERZ ARE Here!!!!!!!! Yayyyy

LIP LINERZ ARE Here!!!!!!!! Yayyyy

Hey Cutees,  

We're so glad to announce that our liners have finally hit the stage. I appreciate you guys for your support and patience as I am trying to manage all of these beautiful ideas one product at a time lol. Our Liner collection have some of the most high pigmented/vegan and cruelty free as all other cutee products. 

I wanted to drop this jewel on my cutees: Before you purchase your linerz, make sure you purchase a liner one or two shades darker than your lipstick. The liner is suppose to outline and define your lip choice. If you're anything like me, I love a somewhat bold liner, especially having semi-small lips :-( lol. 

Check out the picture attached. If you notice, i always go right below my natural lip line on the bottom and on the top. Doing this helps me create a more fuller , sexier lip. 


Happy Shopping,